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I Am Selling My HIV Status For GHS100,000 – Fraudulent Mentally Deranged Former AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Is At It Again

We all love some level of attention, but it takes a special kind of possession to try to garner attention and public affection by blatantly lying about carrying a deadly disease that no one will wish on their worst enemy. Former AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah seems to thrive on controversy so much that anytime it seems the public has forgotten about her and her shenanigans, she has to come up with something ridiculous to get people talking about her. And it is never anything “positive” (pun absolutely intended). In fact, the only time when the was something positive about her in the news was when she was parading herself as an HIV/AIDS patient for whatever benefits she was enjoying, and even that turned out to be a lie.
And ever since she “fell from grace” by denouncing her HIV status, it has been one unnecessary attention-seeking saga after the other. If she’s not threatening to kill her poor, innocent kids and herself, then she’s leaking screenshots of conversations she had with someone who allegedly claimed he was HIV positive just to get her to do the distin with him. Yes, it takes a special kind of crazy to sleep with someone BECAUSE he is HIV positive. Smh
If you follow her Facebook posts, you will have no choice but to come to the conclusion that this lady is battling some serious mental issues and needs urgent help but she doesn’t seem to think so herself. After using HIV to become a “star”, she now claims she is sick and tired of people enquiring about her status and if anyone wants to really know whether she’s positive or not, they should pay her one hundred thousand Ghana cedis, because she thinks people care about her and her lies that much.
On her Facebook page cited by, the former AIDS ambassador posted, “My HIV status will not put food on your table. Why has my HIV status become a problem for Ghanaian journalist for almost five years now. Now Am selling my HIV status. Any journalist who want it we can go to any hospital of your choice and we do it openly to close this case. The price is 100,000 Ghana cedis. Hundred thousand cedis. If you don’t have it please stop calling me for interviews and stop asking of my status. Thank you”.
The question here is, who bloody cares?


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