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My "Honey Pot" Is So Sweet, Men Never Want To Leave Me Alone When They Taste It – Queen Haizel Moans

Gone are the days when women were shy to even admit they have ever seen anything resembling a phallus. Times have changed indeed and it kind of the norm for females to give excruciating details about their s*xual escapades without shame. Queen Haizel claims to be a musician but it seems she is always in the news for s*x-related reasons.
She is either boasting about how she gets a whopping seventeen good orgasms on a daily basis, expressing her desire to have a one-night stand with Mugeez of R2Bees or threatening to go nude for whatever reasons best known to her. Oh, and she was allegedly spotted some time ago getting fingered by some unknown guy in a public place. We know all these about her but ask us to name a single song of hers and it’ll take a series of google searches before we can come up with something.
The “songstress”, who disclosed earlier that she is actually an egg seller is worried about how sweet she is and how this over-bearing sweetness will not let men who have wandered through her projects let her rest in peace. According to her, this is a major problem she is facing in life because no matter how bad she treats men who have tasted this sweet honey of hers, they still keep coming back for more. In a Facebook post cited by GhanaCelebrities.Com, Queen Haizel in a subtle attempt at “advertising” her goodies, wonders what the cause of this “glue” or “magnetism” is.
She posted, “Wen Dey Enter Once Dey Dnt Wanna Leaveblank?. Dey Be Like GoD What kinda Feeling is Diz? Den Dey look me in D Eyes And Ask, Whats inside of Ur Zone honey?Bae What Did U Put in There? As Dey Look in d Air with their eyes partially Closed.Den I get Scared how Dey Hold On To Me So Tight. And Whisper Jux Kill me Baiby,am All Urs! Kill me wid all Dat Shuga blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?blank?.
Now I also Wanna knw? What was mine Made of.It’s Nt allowing my Attachments 2Leave me Alone Even Wen I move on n treat dem Bad. Y does d Past and Present Hve d same Feeling wen We Vibe.Dey Handle me like light weight and So Love it around a Heavy Queen like me.what is Causing Diz Glue or magnetism? Cloud 9 is An Understatementblank?” 
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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