WTF OF THE WEEK: Man In The Grips Of The Police For Stealing MP's Toilet Rolls; What Happened To Those Who Squandered Our Ghc610m?

Board of Directors of the collapsed Capital Bank chaired by a prominent ‘man of God’, Dr Mensa Otabil managed to squander Ghc610 million taxpayers money granted to them by the Bank of Ghana and till now, absolutely nothing has been done to retrieve and punish those involved.
The Ghc610 million scandal has become one of those ‘foolish cases’ ─I mean it has gone down the drain obviously because those involved are ‘big’ untouchable men.

Mostly, laws in this country called Ghana ‘pampers’ the rich and the bureaucrats occupying top echelon positions at both the Government and Private sectors but ‘nails’ the poor to the ‘cross’ at the least offence.
A 49-year-old man is currently in the grips of the Ghana Police for stealing MP’s toilet rolls at Job 600, an edifice housing Member of Parliaments ─and, if this poor man is not lucky, could be handed a jail term.

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According to reports, as to how the man found his way into the MP’s office at Job 600 still remains a mystery but obviously, he sneaked into the office of the MP and stole two bundles of unused toilet rolls in his washroom.
The security guards upon sighting the man leaving with the toilet rolls questioned him of which led to his arrest by the police.
This is a theft case and he shouldn’t go unpunished but what has happened to those who have misappropriated millions of taxpayers money?


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