VIDEO: Feminism Doesn't Mean Disrespecting Men Or Husbands ─ Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah

Unlike the “PepperDem Ministries” ─a social media feminism group with the view that feminism is all about “flipping some useless pages”, disrespecting and rubbing shoulders with men, Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah holds a different and laudable view of what feminism means.
Martha Ankomah in an interview with Bernice Owusuwaa on GhanaWeb’s “Showbiz Trendz” stated that the definition of feminism is never about disrespecting men.

She believes that “being a feminist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect your husband”.
The A-list actress elaborated that feminism is about “standing for your rights” ─but some women and feminist groups have their own definition of feminism which has made it very dicey for people to understand what feminism is.

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She also shared some relationship tips even though she is still not married ─to Martha Ankomah, a good and happy relationship is;
“Basically about communication, how we communicate with our partners…you can’t talk to your husband anyhow and think because you’re a woman you’re right, no. There’s nothing wrong with cooking for your husband”.
Watch the interview below.


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