All Men Are The Same, They Only Want The Tonga — Lady Shares Her Depressing Experience With Chris-Vincent After Insightful Piece On The 'Female Hustle'

A few days ago GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s Founding Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri wrote a fascinating article – ‘The Female Hustle in Ghana—The Cash for S£x Epidemic and the Disappointing Roles Ghanaian Men Play in Fostering It.’
A very insightful piece, the article looked at how many Ghanaian men who are well to do chase and f*ck women who are suffering in life but make no attempt to help them get out of their current predicaments — perhaps out of a deep seated insecurity that the lady might jilt them if her life took a real turn for the better.
The piece sparked a real conversation around dating in Ghana, only confirming that many Ghanaian men indeed carry out such a pathetic lifestyle and many women who are struggling are forced into a sort of perpetual ‘whoring’ lifestyle to make ends meet.
The thesis of the article has only been confirmed by a female follower of Chris-Vincent who has shared her experience of this very phenomenon.

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The lady recounts how she has dated many men who have the ability to help her but have rather chosen to use her and dump her after, unfortunately, like a used sanitary pad.
The experience has made her deeply bitter and forced her to declare all men as the same, and she’s now decided not to give out the tonga in her relationships but even that is having other consequences.
The hustle is real, and it’s men who have the power to change things by being more considerate and behaving like empathetic human beings, not a$$holes only interested in one thing and use their positions to get it without giving nothing substantial back.
Read the lady’s story below…
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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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