Official UK Government Website Of Registered Companies Lists Menzgold As A Legally Registered Entity Trading In Precious Minerals


Israel Laryea left Ghana all the way to the UK, spending his employer’s money to embarrass himself and them when he could just as well have sat in his boxer shorts and gotten the relevant information online.
Israel Laryea wanted to prove that Menzgold’s London offices were a sham, based on his misconceptions of the current Menzgold-SEC brouhaha, thus he decided to travel there to do some reporting; then ironically failed to do any proper investigative reporting aside asking some really shallow questions.
But as to the legal status of Menzgold England and whether it is a legitimate business or not, that’s quite easy to find online.
The UK government maintains a database of all registered companies on and Menzgold England is listed in the database.
The company is registered to trade in numerous materials including precious metals, ores and industrial chemicals.

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So the company is legally registered, has a office and employees but Israel Laryea saw no signboard and therefore it’s a sham.
No wonder Nana Appiah Mensah was pissed as hell in his response to Laryea.
Read info on Menzgold’s incorporation in the UK on the government database here.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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