Don’t Let Society Force You Into Marriage; This Is Why You Should Remain Single Than Marry And Be Unhappy

This society we live in has ruined many lives that can be brought to book. The things people have unwillingly gotten themselves into all because society sort of gave them a disguised pressure. When it comes to marriage, especially with women, the case is far worse.

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Sadly, you are branded a feminist and bitter, since people started giving diverse meanings to the word feminism if and when you say marriage is not the ultimate in anyone’s life, women very much included. The truth remains the same, marriage is simply isn’t the most important thing that could happen to any human being albeit all the no man is an island notion we have sitting somewhere on our minds. We all need someone to call our own, come home to but that necessarily must not ride on marriage.

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A young lady says she has been married for just 16 months and it has been hell for her. According to the post she shared with the columnist Betty, she claims she married because of desperation and pressure from society and now she hates everything about the man she is married to.

She wrote:

“Good afternoon ma. How is your day? Happy to be a follower. Please, I have a relationship issue. Don’t know if you can help me share this but anonymously. I married out of desperation and pressure.”

“It’s been 16 months of torture for me emotionally. I don’t love my hubby. Not even a bit. I have tried and prayed. It ain’t working. He is actually not my ideal man. Everything about him pisses me off. I can’t stand it anymore. He isn’t working but that isn’t my problem. We were wedded in church.”

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Betty Irabor, the columnist replied her with the below.

“She needs our advice! Personally, I think this whole idea of succumbing to societal or peer pressure to marry before a certain age is one of the reasons there’s more divorce and unhappy marriages and in some case mental illness.”

“I believe it’s better to stay single than marry and live unhappily ever after.”

“If this lady is as miserable in her marriage as she says, she should work towards getting out. It’s better to be single and happy than married and miserable as in this case. I advise that they should both see a marriage counselor…but once again, let me say this loud and clear if you marry in haste you will repent at leisure…”




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