PHOTO: If Your Boyfriend Doesn't Beat You After Breaking His Car's Windscreen, Marry Him Because He's A Husband Material ─ Naija Lady

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Most of the things the 21st-century woman look out for in a man to ascertain whether he possesses qualities of a good husband or not is really weird ─and that’s why divorce is on the rise these days.
This Nigerian lady, Oludo Eje with Instagram username @Mz_Okikiola has a weird way of detecting if a boyfriend would be a good husband after marriage or not.

Oludo Eje in an Instagram post indicated that for a lady to know whether her boyfriend is a marriage material or not, she has to break the windscreen of his car and if the boyfriend doesn’t beat the hell out of her, then he is a marriage material.
She posted;

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“My sister, if your boyfriend has a car, break the windscreen if he doesn’t beat you after that, marry him because he’s a husband material”.
Well, if your boyfriend doesn’t own a car I guess you should burn all his clothes to detect the husband material in him…lol


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