Actress Jasmine Baroudi Goes The Joselyn Dumas Way; Takes To Social Media To Remind Her Debtors To Do The Needful

Jasmine Baroundi

Actress and mother of one Jasmine Baroudi is not a happy person today. It looks like some people are owning and have refused to give to her what is rightfully hers.
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According to the actress, she would make sure to mention the names of her debtors if and when they refuse to pay her when September finally comes to end. She says movie makers and production houses have the tendencies of discriminating when it comes to actors and actresses.
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She wrote;
“Good Mornin.My name is Jasmine Jamila Baroudi,a GHANAIAN actress and I feel appalled and angry with the way some of the #production houses treat some of us.
“I really don’t understand if they think I would wake up early for days,drive to location,sometimes some ridiculously far location to shoot,an mind you,they don’t pay my transport and sometimes the food they even feed us with is questionable only for them to give us excuses when it comes to paying us!!I am not working for free!am I?
“Are we? Why shd other #actors on d same set be given their pay in full and yet some of us ve to be chasing n begging for our money?it is the celebrity status you fnk i am.looking for?will this status on my table?” [sic].


Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
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