Get Your Head Out Of Your A**, You Whiny Man Baby — NDC Activist Completely Explodes On Former President Mahama

The battle lines are being drawn in the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) race for the flagbearership slot.
Numerous big names in the party have made their names available to take the enviable slot, with former President Mahama head of the pack.
Recently he has started his getting his campaign in shape and made a couple of speeches in that vein.
In one, he said God made him lose in 2016 to show Ghanaians how important his governance was, and in another he said the party misused funds and left him handicapped in the battle against Akufo-Addo.
Notorious NDC activist Dela Coffie, who is supporting Koku Anyidoho in his bid to become the party’s General Secretary and sweep off the old guard, completely attacked Mahama for his comments and holds nothing back.
He wrote on Facebook…

What a whiny man baby John Mahama turned out to be.
The other day, it was an act of God, then his narrative on how campaign funds and logistics got diverted, and today the NPP rigged the 2016 elections?
JM, please stop the joke already. A cat is not expected to lose a fight to a mouse and claim later that the mouse used unfair tactics to win.
In the same vein, no one expects a ruling government to lose an election and turn around to claim that the opposition rigged the elections. It is unheard-of and absolutely lazy thinking.
You need to wake up and smell the coffee sir, and while you are at it, get your “damned head” out of your ass. You lost 2016 by your own actions and inactions. Own up to your responsibility and stop the scapegoating. It is quite untidy….

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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