I'm Not Heartbroken, I Was Depressed; My Man And I Are Still Together — Lady Who Threatened Suicide On Fb Tells It All

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Social media was thrown into an upheaval Friday when a disturbing post of a lady threatening suicide emerged on Facebook.
Gemini Goddezz, a quite popular user on the platform with several thousand followers, got people worried with a post threatening suicide over a guy, Elvis Selorm Kwame Siegu, who we gather she’s in a relationship with.
Gemini wrote that the guy had made her lose the will to live.
Things took a turn for the worse when she uploaded a live video of herself drinking in her room and looking as distraught as we’ve ever seen anyone.
It was clear things were not well for her, and luckily it seems she has kicked her depressed state and is now back to normal.

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In a series of new posts, she has attempted to clarify what happened that led her to her actions, after being trolled massively on fb.
According to her, she was not broken hearted but simply depressed, and said she’s still with the guy who made her want to take her own life.
“I’m not heartbroken, I was depressed. Kindly stop attacking Elvis Selorm Kwame Siegu. He’s all I’ve Got PLEASE. Thanks,” she said in one post.
In another, lenghthier post, she tried to explain away everything, although it seems people are not buying her explanation per the reactions showed on her page.
Social media is a swarm, and once something hits the internet it never goes away; that’s what everyone should keep in mind about the platform which has transformed everything about the world.
Anyway, check out her explanation for what happened below…
I spoke about lazy bloggers a couple of times and they did it to me
Negative images just to make criteria
False rumour just to create traffic
Defamation just to make it believable

No blogger has tried to ask me what actually happened, but they’ve printed news just to make a living.
So here’s the whole story???
I was depressed, I’ve not been well for weeks now but it got worse YESTERDAY
Employees want to bed me before they employ me
Rent related issues
My goods got stuck and my money locked up
My son going through adolescent challenges
Life itself and it’s brouhaha

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I needed someone by me when I was sick last weekend but my man wasn’t rightly available though he was checking up on me 2/4/7.
He’s a very good Man, unlike what people and bloggers are trying to portray him to be.
Everyone has problems and how they deal with them, everyone knows me to be STRONG and BRAVE which I still am, but within 30 minutes of my LIFE yesterday, I actually didn’t have control over my emotions and this led to all these ugly trolls and write ups about me.
Elvis Selorm Kwame Siegu and I are still together and there was nothing like a break up or dumping.
He’s a poet and we write rhetorical stuff everyday.
I am no way in an abusive relationship.
THANKS for the immense show of LOVE for me all across the globe.. I’m very grateful…
Depression is Real, Lend a helping hand to those in need of one….
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