SAMUEL-CLEMENT Writes: “Dear Archbishop Duncan Williams, Ghanaians Need 72 Days Of Critical Thinking And Application Of Common Sense —NOT 72 hours Of Fasting And Prayers”


Archbishop Duncan Williams says Ghana is in crisis and for that matter, he has declared a 72-hour fasting and prayers —obviously to get out of the crisis.

Of course, Ghana is in crisis and has been in crisis ever since Dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown —NOTHING in Ghana has ever worked after his death.

The big question is —do we as a country need 72 hours of fasting and prayers to solve the crisis that has been there for so long a time? The answer is BIG NO!

Can the 72 hours of fasting and prayer turn corrupt politicians and citizens into Angels? BIG NO!

Ghana is in crisis not because we aren’t praying and fasting enough —We are in crisis because;

—Politicians and the majority of Ghanaians are corrupt and corruption is draining this country and there’s nothing prayer and fasting can do if the human beings aren’t ready to change from their corrupt practices.

Most of the wealthy men of God in Ghana aren’t wealthy because of prayers and fasting —they are wealthy because they use critical thinking and apply common sense to ‘milk’ riches out of people who have refused to think critically and apply a little bit of common sense.

I’m very sure God will laugh at Archbishop Duncan’s declaration of 72 hours of fasting and prayers knowing very well the kind of great things our minds can do but because we’ve refused to think and apply common sense, we run to Him with every little problem —the reason for the many unanswered prayers.

A teacher friend of mine has confided in me about the ‘ghost names’ that appear on their staff validation list every month —names they have no idea of are always added to their list to be paid by the government of Ghana.

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For this reason, he has stopped being in charge of the validation process and handed it to the head of the school —with a laudable reason that he cannot validate people he has no idea of to be paid by taxpayers money, SIMPLE!

The addition of these ‘ghost names’ could be masterminded by some top Ghana Education Service officials who are probably elders, leaders, deacons in some of the biggest churches in Ghana and yet they are ‘milking’ Ghana their motherland —something the Bible is against!

Corruption is the problem of this country and there is no way 72 hours of fasting and prayers can solve this CRISIS —72 days of critical thinking and application of common sense will do much better than the latter.

Well, I’ll be spending my day on Wall Street Journal’s website to read about the possible mockery articles about this declaration by Archbishop Duncan Williams.

Again, we need 72 days of critical thinking and application of common sense and not 72 hours of fasting and prayers!



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