The Man Who Couldn’t Arrest The Cedi With Prayer – Duncan Williams Declares 72 Hour Fasting To Save Ghana From ‘Crisis’


African countries are by and large the most religious countries in the entire world. African countries are also by and large some of the most mismanaged and poor countries in the entire world.

Some of the most advanced nations on earth are the largely atheist Scandinavian and East Asian countries, as well as the largely secular societies of Western Europe. The notion that religion equals prosperity is a bogus myth perpetrated by religious leaders so people keep sending their monies back to them.

However in this part of the world we’re still stupid enough to buy those myths and therefore we are addicted to religion, and instead of looking for real world solutions to our problems we remain stuck in ‘fake solutions’ like building a National Cathedral and fasting and praying to avert crisis.

A few years ago during the John Mahama era Duncan Williams and his congregation got to work to pray hard to stop the decline of the cedi, it had zero effect on the currency which continues to slide into obscurity against the dollar to this day. The Women of Aglow pray their butts off every month or whatever their schedule is and nothing changes about this country, yet people still believe in the myth of the power of prayer.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, despite his massive failure to stop the cedi has called for a three day fasting by his church members to avert the ‘crisis’ that Ghana is currently in.

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According to him, in times of great difficulty the people of God must stand up and help save the country and therefore from today, October 1st they would start a three day fasting and prayer session to save mother Ghana.

“Leaders who believe in God and recognise in times of national crisis that human capability and intelligence and logic and philosophy can do, but so much, and can go but so far…and recognise and call upon God’s intervention to overturn national crisis…I proclaim by the voice of the blood of Jesus this 72 hour fast from Monday….let the fast be proclaimed and let heaven and earth bear witness and let heaven intervene in the affairs of this country and overturn the suffering and the hardship and difficulties and crisis we face as a nation and a people,” he told his congregation on Sunday.

Good luck with that hocus pocus.

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