VIDEO: So Wendy Shay Cannot Make Any Public Appearance Without Twerking Her “Manageable Backside”?


Wendy Shay

I have painstakingly taken my time to monitor Wendy Shay’s progression ever since she popped up in the music industry, the reason being that I feel the girl is a very talented musician in her own way.

If you do not know Wendy Shay, she is the new kid on the block in the music industry and hitmaker of the street hit song “Uber Driver” which has garnered over 1million views on YouTube.

She was born Wendy Addo and is currently signed onto Ruff Town Records, a musical record label owned by one half of defunct music group Ruff and Smooth known as Bullet. RuffTown Records natured and raised Ebony Reigns into stardom before she passed on earlier this year.

The purpose of this article is simple, Wendy has immeasurable and immense talent so I see no reason why her focus is always mainly on shaking and twerking her backside whether she is performing on stage or making any public appearance. Such a brand makes her look too cheap and hollow in the minds and eyes of many Ghanaians.

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I am of the firm and fair believe that she should let people see her as that talented musician who has recorded 3 ‘monster’ hit songs in just about 6 months in the music industry not that ‘Ashawo’ girl with no talent who shakes her backside wherever she finds herself just to make news and crave unnecessary attention.

She should also work to change that perception people have that she is only wallowing in the hard work and efforts of Ebony Reigns which I think is not true.





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