VIDEO: Watch How ‘Sugar Daddies’ Are ‘Squeezing’ Actress Xandy Kamel’s ‘Melons’ Because Of Money

Xandy Kamel

When tags certain individuals in Ghana’s entertainment industry as Ashawobrities, people take offence and try to use needless attacks as to why we have labelled some female celebrities as such. has always been right for tagging these so-called female celebrities as such and we will continue to do so. We will never tag any Ghanaian talent doing her work decently devoid of any stupid and unnecessary attention seeking with that lingo.

One female celebrity who leads the pack for the “Slay Queens and Ashawobrities Association of Ghana” is Xandy Kamel. She has no talent and we wonder what she is doing in this industry.

Xandy is in Italy and doing whatever and a video has popped up on social media where Xandy Kamel is seen performing a song at an event in Italy.

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An old man decided to sprinkle money on her during her performance and this girl took the old man’s hands, dipped the money into her ‘melons’ and allowed the man to fondle and play with her ‘melons’. If this is not the height of ridiculousness, insanity, and stupidity then what else?.