Weed Is Not A Hard Drug, It’s A Powerful Medicine Which Cures Blindness, HIV, Cancer And Other Sicknesses — Paa Kwesi Dobble

I happen to believe the legalization of marijuana is something that’s not as scary as people like to put it. There are many people who smoke marijuana and function properly in society, and honestly if alcohol is legal there’s no reason marijuana should not be since they both effectively alter the chemical composition of your brain to make you feel ‘high’.

Aside my personal belief it also looks like the legalization movement is gathering steam in Ghana, considering not only the artist throwing their weight behind it but even ‘respected’ personalities such as Kwesi Pratt and Kwame Sefa Kayi.

Whilst I sympathize with the movement and agree with some of the arguments made – exporting it would boost the economy and it surely has medicinal applications – I’ve never heard anyone make the claims Paa Kwesi of Dobble fame is making about the herb.

According to Paa Kwesi, legalizing marijuana is necessary because it cures many illnesses, including HIV!

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“…Apart from it generating income for the country we should also we also look at the other things it does, the diseases it heals. There is a superstition from our forefathers that when you smoke it you will make go mad so it has become difficult to talk about it,” he said during an interview with Radio Central.

“But that same wee heals about 10 diseases including glaucoma which brings blindness. Whether you smoke, chew, or whichever way you take it, it heals diseases like HIV, cancer, asthma so I’m only trying to talk about the positive side of that herb, the benefits the body will get not only the country,”

Paa Kwesi added that weed is not a hard drug which should be banned but a herb like kontomire.

“Its a normal herb like any other, it’s not a drug, people should know that wee is not a drug its a herb. A drug is a man-made mixed with chemical but wee is natural herb like kontomire, so we should talk about the benefits and stop telling people it will make them go mad”. he added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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