PHOTOS: The Movie Industry Is Inherently Dead So Who Are These Men Sponsoring The ‘Crazy’ And Lavish Lifestyle Of These ‘Ashawobrities’?

Salma Mumin

The entertainment industry is basically like a fairytale, most of the glitz and glamour you see are basically for the cameras and doesn’t exist at all in reality. So if you are a young lady who is greatly influenced by what these so-called celebrities portray on social media then you are likely to be an ‘Ashawobrity’.

Truth is the industry doesn’t pay that much and plausibly most of the people you see on our screens work basically for free or just for paltry stipends. I must confess that there are a few of them who make quite a lot of money in the industry but not necessarily directly from what they do.

The industry serves as a catalyst that they depend on to get other favours from other people. What I actually mean is that they do other things apart from the arts to earn a meaningful living.

Actress Jasmine Jamilla Baroudi has in one way or the other confirmed this assertion. The actress has posted a very long and emotional statement of ordeals she has to go through before movie producers pay her for roles or jobs she has done for them.

The actress is simply saying their job doesn’t pay that much and the paltry stipend that they are supposed to be paid with when they are done working becomes a big problem.

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The actress who is fed up says she will not work for free anymore. She has threatened that henceforth if anyone uses her for any job and refuses to pay, she will straight away head to the law court.

She even opined that she is even about taking some people she has worked for in the past who have refused to pay her to court right about now.

Ghanaian actresses live a mindboggling, absolutely ridiculous, and lavish lifestyle we do not know who sponsor.

They cannot in any way tell us that such kind of lifestyle is being taken care of by the non-existent movies they’ve starred in. Ask yourself that in the last five years how many movies have been starred in? How many movies do these actresses get to feature in? Truth is there is no movie industry and if there ever was it is ‘dead’.

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The many travelling vacations Moesha Boduong, Salma Mumin and the others are having, the money they claim they make in movies cannot cater for or fund it so who are those sponsoring? Your guess is as good as mine.





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