It’s Highly Likely ‘Small Kiosk’ Owner Elikem is Lying With His Claim That He Paid $25,000 As Bride Price For Pokello — CHRIS-VINCENT


Elikem and his estranged wife Pokello are set for a legal battle with news that the Ghanaian ‘tailor’ has filed for divorce in Zimbabwe and that Pokello is contesting the suit.

The couple have been separated for over a year now but Elikem is now legally filing for the end of the marriage.

At the time of his marriage, Elikem claimed that he paid $25,000 as the bride price for Pokello, after which he added that he was sure that he was doing the right thing, unlike others who rush into marriage with the wrong person.

Well, time has proven him wrong and GC right – we reported on the separation a long time ago even as both continued to deny.

GhanaCelebrities.Com Founding editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has branded Elikem a liar for his claim of bride price.

According to Chris, Elikem’s claim is probably a lie and even if true, that was an amount he could have used to expand his business, yet he spent it on an obviously doomed marriage.

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Getting married is easy, Chris-Vincent added, it’s making it work that’s far from easy.

Read his thoughts on the matter below…

Elikem who operates a ‘small kiosk’ as his tailoring studio in Accra and was alleged sometimes back to be struggling with rent payments said this after he married Pokello, a woman he has now filed for divorce from.

“I initially didn’t want to make this information public but people are getting figures wrong so I want to correct it. The lobola (Bride price for a traditional marriage in Zimbabwe) was 25,000 US Dollars. A deposit of 20,000 US Dollars was paid on Saturday and the 5,000 US Dollars balance is to be paid by the white wedding”.

$25,000 can elevate this man’s business and set him for a good future–yet he spent it on a marriage, that even a mouse knew from on set that it wouldn’t last.

Of course, it’s highly likely he is lying about the amount because if you add other wedding cost to it, then he blew more than 50,000 dollars on their wedding.

Marrying a woman is easy, but keeping your sanity and hers, at the same time, is the conundrum only a few committed smart ones can solve.

–Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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