Fella Makafui Tells Some Students Her Secret to Success and it Doesn’t Involve Selling Your Tonga

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Fella Makafui

Entrepreneurship is the code word for our lovely ‘ashawobrities’ who often have to find a way to justify their lavish lifestyles which does not correspond with the dying Ghanaian movie industry.

Fella Makafui is one of the top ‘entrepreneurs’ in that regard, and thus as a ‘successful’ woman she was recently invited to give a talk to some students at the Crystal Galaxy College.

Speaking to them, Fella steered clear of talking about her ‘tundra’ and the work she is able to accomplish with it, instead she claimed reading bible verses, nekkid at midnight is one of the ways she stays successful.

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“Me, I speak to God, I can be here and be talking [to him]. I wake at dawn at 12:00 and I strip naked and I have some bible verses that I read, then I pray.” she said.

Fella added that the students should have faith in themselves and they would be able to achieve whatever they want.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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