Scary Photos: We Are Afraid One Day Princess Shyngle Will Break Into Two

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Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle is a Gambian born Ghana-based actress and a model. Honestly, I have never seen this slay queen in about two movies yet she continues to tag herself as such.

Princess Shyngle surged into proper fame not through the movies she claims to have done or featured in but through her sexually suggestive pictures she posts on social media and the barrage of garbage she spews in the traditional media.

Recently she disclosed on the “Delay Show” that all the men she dated couldn’t satisfy her in bed including Micheal Essien and D-black.

This afternoon the “Gambian Princess” has posted pictures of herself on her Instagram page and as usual, is quite scared.

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We are scared because of how thinner her waist has become ─Princess Shyngle could break into two one day looking at her recent photos.





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