Video-Shatta Wale And Michy Flirting, Kissing And Romancing In His “One Million Dollar” Mansion Is All You Need To See This Morning To Boost Your Morale

Shatta Wale And Shatta Michy

Some months ago break up news of Shatta Wale and his baby mama Shatta Michy escalated and became the main issue for discussion on social media for over a month or even more. It was even alleged that Michy pulled a knife on Wale and threatened to kill him if he ever comes close to her again.

We all know Shatta Wale and his antics game, he and his Baby Mama Michy can say, do or make up any story to make sure they trend in the news for several weeks so when news of their break up hit the news many people also thought that it was one of their usual gymnastics to create hype and attention for themselves.

But this one seems to be something serious as both of them granted serious interviews to suggest that they were not together anymore. For several months Michy moved out of Wale’s house to that of her parents, both of them didn’t make any public appearance or post about themselves on social media again for several months as they used to do.

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About some weeks now, it looks like Wale and Michy have both patched things up and are now back together as a couple. This time around they look as strong as the foundation of a building. This morning Shatta Wale has posted a video of himself and his baby mama on his official Instagram page and the two of them are seen being all flirty, cozy, kissing and having a lot of fun in his “One Million Dollar Mansion”.

See Video Below




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