Moesha Budoung Details Her Ashawobrity Modus Operandi ─ Find Out How She ‘Services’ Her Main Boo And ‘Sugar Daddy’

Moesha Budoung

Finally, Ghanaian ‘Ashawobrity‘, Moesha Budoung who disclosed on International media, CNN that she bangs rich married men for material stuff has opened up on how she met her new boo ─’Sugar daddy’.

Moesha Budoung who isn’t a travel ambassador yet travels around the world as if she owns the universe has detailed how she met her new boo ─’sugar daddy’ or whatever on Starr FM’s “The Zone” with KOD.

Moesha even though could not reveal the identity of this dude (sugar daddy) but stated that they have been dating for 8 eight months.

“We are just getting to know each other, am not ready to get married now. I’m not just ready for the whole marriage thing now,” she stated.

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On the question of where the hell is the rich and married potbellied man she spoke about in CNN’s “Love and Sex” interview with Christiane Amanpour, she said;

“I really loved him and I believe his wife knew about me but we have broken up now. I’m no longer in that relationship. He is a married man and I guess he wasn’t mine after all”.

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Reading meanings into Moesha’s recent interview with KOD on Starr FM, it’s obvious that she was banging her so-called boyfriend and this rich and married potbellied man at the same time ─if this isn’t the definition of ‘Ashawobrity‘ then what’s it?




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