Is Delay Swallowing Some Bleaching Pills? Find Out Here

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Sincerely speaking the most brutally honest and exciting television talk show in Ghana is none other than the one owned and hosted by the untamable and undisputed queen of talk show Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay. Her show is dubbed “The Delay Show” which airs on Ghone TV.

One cannot refuse to admire how Delay has transformed and metamorphosed from that loudmouth, attention seeking and desperate to be a celebrity to the current Delay who has become a bit mature, calmer, intelligent and a successful TV host. She is also a businesswoman and owns the popular “Delay Mackerel”.

Aside from this, Delay has also grown very beautiful and the many pictures she posts of herself on social media is proof of the beauty I am talking about.

Delay posts sexy pictures but at the same time, these pictures are as decent as the look of any modern day Ghanaian corporate lady. She is glittering and glowing in these pictures she posted on Instagram recently.

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