The Coward Runs Away — After ‘Following The Crowd’ At Reign Album Launch To Diss Sarkodie’s Mother DKB Now Wants To ‘Change His Mouth’ – Video

DKB was in his full element on Saturday during Shatta Wale’s ‘Reign’ album launch. Following Shatta Wale around like a lapdog, he grunted agreement at everything the high Gbee Naabu said and even added his own harsh words.

At a point when Shatta Wale was hitting back at Sarkodie for his ‘alumi’ comment in ‘My Advice‘, DKB chipped in, insulting the mothers of those who doubted Shatta Wale. He actually screamed WMT (Wo Maame Tw3) at them in Ga.

Obviously the timing of his comments made it obviously clear it was directed at Sarkodie and other ‘haters’, so to speak, but after stories were run that he has dissed Sarkodie’s mother DKB has all of a sudden become a turtle, trying to run back into his shell and hide from his own actions.

DKB has released a video via social media, vehemently denying that he ever dissed Sarkodie ‘WMT’ at the launch.

In the video, the unfunny comedian cowardly tries to change the narrative on what he said which we all heard with our ears. He’s not the only one who speaks Ga in Ghana and following the trend of his back and forth with Shatta it’s clear where his comments were directed.

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Perhaps he was in the ‘heat of the moment’ and was just interested in pleasing his master Shatta Wale, which is what made him do what he did. That is more understandable than trying to claim he never dissed Sark.

Watch DKB trying to ‘change his mouth’ in the video below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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