TWEET: “I Don’t Sit On Twitter 24/7 So Get A Job” ─ Berla Mundi Tells A Twitter Fan

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Berla Mundi

Ghanaian radio and TV personality, Berla Mundi has perfectly replied a Twitter follower who thinks she should sit on social media 24/7 and reply to whatever followers post on her timeline.

The majority of people mostly live their lives on social media ─they are always online commenting, liking and engaging in “useless” conversations that wouldn’t put food on their tables.

Apparently, Berla Mundi isn’t part of that majority looking at her reply to a Twitter follower who thinks she should reply to all messages and tweets on her handle.

A Twitter fan with username @kofithugger who obviously isn’t impressed with how Berla Mundi handles her Twitter page tweeted;

“Berla will never have time for her followers. Somebody jxt replied and is the only one. at least like it for appreciation.that is yy I neva comment on ur post”.

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Berla Mundi replying to @kofithugger said;

Your duty is to sit on social media and monitor who responds to who? Please find a job ok. Some of us have jobs and a life to live. I don’t sit on Twitter 24/7”.


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