PHOTO: Moesha Budoung Mocks Critics For Talking About Her Braless Picture

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Moesha Budoung

Ghanaian actress, Moesha Budoung who made a controversial statement on CNN that the economy of Ghana is hard so many young girls are forced to sleep with married men for survival seems to be hurt by Ghanaians blasting her for going braless.

Mosha has taken to her Instagram account to mock everyone criticizing her for removing her bra at an event.

She advised her social media followers not to allow anyone to bring them down. Most of her followers have read meaning into her little advice saying she is just saying that to feel okay.

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Moesha seems to be communicating directly to everyone who laughed and made fun of her.

She was sighted in a picture that has gone viral on the internet without a bra at an event giving her nipples freedom from obstacles.

Most Ghanaians have blasted her since she posted the image on her Instagram page because they believe she did this on purpose just to attract married men.




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