Useless Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Passing Out Ceremony; A Shameless Venture For Government To Score Cheap Political Points


Since the inception of the 1992 constitution of Ghana and the general acceptance of multiparty democracy in this country, general elections have always been fought by the two main political parties NPP and NDC on the basis of corruption. They both agree they are all corrupt but the one in opposition always claims they were less corrupt whiles in government than the other.

Apart from corruption one of the key issues of the 2016 general elections which were massively won by the NPP was fought on was the escalating youth and graduate unemployment which has given birth to a group by name Unemployed Graduate Association Of Ghana. Truthfully speaking the biggest threat to national security issues of Ghana is not corruption anymore but rising youth unemployment. If care is not properly taken and measures put in place to curb this menace one day the youth of this country will rise up against the leaders.

In this vein, in the run-up to 2016 general elections, the New Patriotic Party led by its flagbearer, now president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Add presented a manifesto that sought to tackle the unemployment menace. They said in the manifesto that they will create an avenue that will employ many of our graduates under a new module they will create called Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) when they win political power.

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What is annoying about the whole NABCO process is a useless venture they will be embarking on today which they term as NABCO passing out ceremony, a program that has been duly and properly launched. What is the need or essence of a passing out ceremony if not for scoring cheap political points and propaganda? There is no sensible justification to squander huge taxpayers money on a useless and unfathomable passing out ceremony whiles not even one single person has been posted to work anywhere. A poor country that continues to spend millions of money on fruitless venture is that one too a proper country?

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They won the election and 2017 was used as a preparatory ground and in the 2018 budget read on the president’s behalf by his finance minister Honorable Ken Ofori Atta a budgetary allocation was made for the program to begin. So on 1st May 2018, the program was officially launched in Kumasi as part of activities earmarked to celebrate workers day. At the launch, the program was supposed to begin on 1st August 2018 but due to the Incompetence of the national NABCO secretariat we are in October and applicants with engagement letter do not know when and where they will be posted to start working.

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What the NABCO secretariat should think about and work on is to do things right, properly and bring back the trust applicants used to have in them. The countless number of postponement of the start date of NABCO has cast a spur on their credibility and integrity. They should also verify those on pending and if they cannot be verified they should honorably inform them so they know what to do with their lives. You people have put people under too much intense pressure with your incompetence and applicants continue to suffer for it.

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