Prophet Badu Kobi Says It’s Senseless For Christians To Go To Church On Weekdays — Those Who Have Ears To Hear…


The most inconvenient truth in the entire world is that prayer is useless, it has never worked and would never work – it only serves as a nice placebo to people who need a big daddy in the sky to help them navigate the trials of life.

The African continent is the most religious continent in the world. Almost all our countries are majority religious and surveys show that of countries who consider themselves highly religious, a huge chunk of them are in Africa.

Looking at our own country, Ghana, as an example, you have a mostly poor populace spending all their time in church and throwing all their money at pastors, yet remaining mired in the poverty built by the political and religious leaders who spend their time smiling at the gullibility of the people they are swindling and keeping placated with hope of a better tomorrow in heaven.

Back to prayer, there are no amounts of prayer Ghanaian Christians have not sent into the heavens, and yet we still remain in our dire situation. Fortunately for God and our religious leaders, when prayer doesn’t come true it is chalked to God working in mysterious ways and the scam continues indefinitely.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Church, has called for Ghanaian Christians to stop depending on prayer so much and think about working to better their lives.

According to Prophet Kobi, prayer does not work on its own but needs to be coupled with work, and thus it’s the ‘fools’ who are always cramped in church thinking things would work out for them just by praying.

“God knows exactly why he separated day from night, so that man can use daytime to work hard and make a living, not to be in church praying, yet Christians choose to pray more than working which is wrong, Christians know God but are fools,” he said whilst speaking on The Sonto Show’ on Agoo TV.

Kobi went on to add that there’s even no reason for Christians to go to church on weekdays when they should be working for prosperity in their lives.

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“For me I know weekday services is not in the bible so I will never allow or practice it my church unless God directs me to do so, it doesn’t even make sense.” Kobi added.

That’s interesting to hear from a pastor and we wish more Christians would take him up on that. There’s only one Sabbath afterall.

But going beyond that, if prayer needs ‘works’ before coming true, and only prayer without ‘works’ is useless – how about you get rid of the prayer entirely and do your goddamn work.

Bill Gates is an atheist. ‘Works’ without prayer can get you the success that you want in life. Prayer without ‘works’ won’t, apparently.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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