She Is Aggressive And Submissive; She Is The King Of Queens-She Is Afia ‘UNCOUTH’ Schwarzenegger

Another time Afia Schwar disgraced herself on social media

Comedienne Afia Schwar definitely is not your everyday kind of woman—she lives for the drama, scandals and controversies. She sparks it, makes sure it burns to ashes and singularly waters the ashes till all is done.

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The mother of three is everything a lot of people would not love to come into contact on a daily basis but she is who she is and doing all that she can just like any other person to survive. We cannot complain too much even if we want to.

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Afia shared a picture of herself and she has a message for all who wish to listen. She says she would submit to anyone who shows her utmost respect.

“She is an aggressive yet submissivewoman..This means that she will dominate you if you allow her to, but will submit to you if you are respectful and masculine enough to make her want to.. Meet Queen Afia Schwarzenegger ..I am the king of queens. Now let’s adjust our crown n make history!!!!.”



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