VIDEO: Frustrated Customer Of UniCredit Bank Storms Banking Hall With Mattress And Pillow To Sleep There Till He Gets His Money

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The Ghanaian banking sector is currently in crisis looking at how some banks have been merged by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to avoid possible closures.

A frustrated man who has his money locked at UniCredit Bank, Apenkwa branch in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly has done the extreme in the name of withdrawing his money from the bank.

In a video sighted by, this frustrated customer was seen with his mattress, bedsheet and pillow sleeping inside the banking hall of UniCredit Bank.

It’s obvious that this man has been struggling to withdraw his own money he deposited at the bank and the only possible way to get his money was to do the unthinkable.

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In the video, bankers and customers were shocked when they saw the man laying his bed right in front of the counter but none of the bankers or security personnel confronted him for fear of making headlines in newspapers and online news portals.

Watch the video below…


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