VIDEO: Slay Queen Cries Like A Trapped Bitch During Tongue Piercing Session

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Slay queens are really suffering in the name of getting dicked for the money ─and that has resulted in doing whatever it takes to grab the attention of sexually unsatisfied men to patronise them.

Some of these slay queens especially in Ghana have gone for body enhancement surgeries just to attract wealth married men to have a bite of their surgically aided bodies.

In a video sighted by on Instagram, this slay queen who went for her tongue to be pierced for the obvious reasons was heard crying like a bitch during the tongue piercing session.

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You can still be a slay queen and get dicked by these married and wealth pot-bellied men without having piercings on your tongue or body ─this is common sense, not rocket science yet these dumb slay queens worry their asses over piercings.

Watch the video below.




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