Critics Of My ‘Thunder’ Song Are Musically Bankrupt — Kidi Roars

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Many artistes in Ghana have received both ridicule and applause and Lynx Entertainment signee Kidi is no exception. He has been ridiculed by both his fans and critics greatly.

While he is loved for his looks, voice, music and fashion style, he is ridiculed by some for his lyrics.

When he dropped his current song, ‘Thunder’, it was well received but there were those who felt a line in the song such as, ‘If I leave you, make thunder fire me’, was not right.

For people such as Adom FM’s presenter, Mike 2 and Pastor Kumchacha, the young man had cursed himself.

In an interview in Lynx Studios, KiDi said, “it is unfortunate that some section of Ghanaians want to bring into being what is not.

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“Music is art, it is literature, we exaggerate; the fact that Romeo said he would die for Juliet did not mean he would go and stand on the battlefield for her, he was expressing the extent to which he loved her.

“See, people should stop sabotaging our music and appreciate us more, a Nigerian will do a song and say ‘make water carry me dey go, far away’ and we will jump on it and use it for all kinds of things but a Ghanaian does it and it is an issue. Thunder doesn’t even kill, it is lightning that does.”

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