‘Sensible Mad Woman’ Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Says Following Religion Is A Waste Of Time


Joyce Dizdzor Mensah just blew our minds on social media with a post that if authored by her, at least shows one side of her which she should exhibit more often and shun the attention seeking antics.

Over the years we have become used to Dizdzor lying to Ghanaians and pulling off attentions seeking stunts fuelled by her mania.

But as she just showed in a post we just sighted, she is capable of utilizing that brain of hers when she puts her mind to it.

Dzidzor Mensah has authored a post dissecting the hot button issue of religion and it’s an understatement to say she’s making a lot of sense.

A lot of the issues she points out are issues many others have pointed out but she has put them together in her own words and making her own argument which we find impressive.

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Even if you disagree with her you have to admit a lot of what she’s saying makes sense and the comments on her post reflect exactly that.

Check out Dzidzor’s post below and we wish to see more of this particular Dzidzor – the ‘sensible mad woman’, as she herself hashtagged her post.

Read full (unedited) post below…

“There are different kinds of religion all over the world and people disagree with each other because everyone thinks their religion is right. In other words, if one out of the numerous religions is right that means the rest are wrong.

Logically I think it doesn’t make sense to think yours is right because you were probably born into it. I was the school chaplain in Jss and I was also babtised in the church of pentecost.I went to a Presbyterian church at some point and I also went to Faith Evangelical church at I remember leading my humble family in prayers every midnight when I was 16.

But now from my observations and research I think following religion is just waste of time. Everyone is responsible for thire own actions on earth and we pay a price for every action we take. And when you start paying your price, no religion can save you.

I am already paying my price for the wrong decision I took years back in the name of “saving lives” and I am responsible for cleaning my own mess right now. Goodnight #SENSIBLE MAD WOMAN”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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