Watch Video-Bukom Banku’s Punching Bag Ayittey Powers And Baba Spirit In A Serious Fight On The Premises Of UTV

2 min

Do you guys remember some time ago comedian Baba Spirit and Bukom Banku’s punching bag cum boxer Ayittey Powers were having some issue that has led to the two not seeing eye to eye? Ever since Baba Spirit dissed Ayittey Powers on his TV show after Bukom Banku mercilessly beat him in a boxing bout the two of them have been enemies.

Baba Spirit bragged to the extent that he questioned the boxing prowess and capabilities of Ayittey suggesting that he can even beat the boxer. Owing to this Powers threatened to beat Baba wherever he sees him. The two of them had a lot of confrontations on television stations leading to a near fight and tussle sometimes. We all thought their issues have been settled because it has been a long time we heard from any of the two anywhere.

But something serious has happened today that has resuscitated the tension between these two again. has sighted a video on Instagram where the two are seen in a serious fight throwing punches to themselves. In the video, Ayittey Powers was having an interaction with the head of production at UTV, Roger Quartey on the premises of the company when Baba budged in on them with a huge stick and threatened to beat Powers with it. If not for the timely intervention of Roger and some workers of the company we do not know what would have happened.

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