Avance Media Should Come Again; Chris-Vincent And Are The Best In Blogging In This Country

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Some few days ago I found out on social media that a group calling itself Avance Media, a public relations agency, had conducted research and come out with a list of 50 bloggers they claim are the top in Ghana. I do not write this article to denigrate their research or try to impugn their hard work but just to set records straight.

The mere fact that they have decided to rank bloggers and to come out with a list of the best every year in itself is a good idea. It will somehow ginger Ghanaian bloggers to sit their asses up and to generate proper and good content. The blogging business is too porous and disorganized. Copy and paste (Plagiarism) have become the order of the day making a lot of these two by four bloggers very lazy. So we commend Avance Media for this great initiative but if it must be done it must be done well. is about the only website in Ghana which does not involve itself in the world of plagiarism in this business. Our founding editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong is the finest writer you can find anywhere in the world. When he publishes an article and you compare it to what some of these other editors write on their websites you feel like puking. His narration, grammar and the content of his articles are always topnotch. He drives the conversation on social media, he has a huge following, has the most brutally honest opinions on any issue in Ghana and no story he has broken has ever come out to be an untruth.

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So there is no research into blogging in Ghana that if it is properly done will put and it’s founding editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong on the 4th spot. It is just ridiculous.




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