Shatta Wale Is The Biggest Fraud In Ghanaian Music And We’ll PROVE It To You

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Shatta Wale is the biggest fraud in Ghanaian music. His fans love him because they see him as some sort of ‘truthteller’ who is shaking up the system and saying the things everyone else is afraid to say.

They also see him as a sort of inspiration to them whose story makes it clear that everyone can make it, no matter their background or how much suffering they have gone through in life.

Shatta Wale afterall, suffered badly for over a decade before blowing up earlier this decade due to incessant controversies.

Whilst you can never take the inspirational part of Shatta Wale away from him or his fans, everything else he does for his success is fraudulent and the perception that he is some kind of truthteller is completely bogus.

Shatta Wale is a hypocrite, we’ve said it many times. He always calls for unity but attacks everyone for attention. Shatta Wale is willing to say anything he thinks would get him attention, whether it’s true or not and that’s where we call him out for being a fraud.

Recently, he attacked Kwaw Kese and Sarkodie as ‘poor‘, simply because he wanted to generate some hype for his upcoming album launch. He needed that furore to create attention for him and therefore he said whatever he had to say.

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However, we know Shatta Wale’s true feelings about Sarkodie because when he started his ‘second coming’ he himself talked about his feelings for Sarkodie.

Shatta Wale at the time desperately wanted a feature from the ‘king’ and he took to social media talking about how great Sarkodie is and how he has been fighting for the industry and all that crap he pretends to stand for now.

He eventually got his feature and his career has never been the same since.

Now Shatta fans have two choices — either he was lying back then or he is lying now. He either didn’t believe those things and said them just to get a feature, which means he says anything for attention like we said – or he truly believes Sarkodie is who he was praising back then and attacked him now simply to get attention for his album launch.

Either way — Shatta Wale is a big FRAUD and his words below completely prove it.

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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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