Video-Hot Gossip: Ashawobrity Xandy Kamel Lists The Number Of Married Men That Have “Chopped Down” Alleged Husband Snatcher Benedicta Gafah

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The battle of Ashawobrities has begun as two former friends  Benedicta Gafah and Xandy Kamel have now turn enemies and are washing their dirty linens in the public domain. People we call celebrities and are even role models to some kids displaying acts of tomfoolery in the public domain. has said and will continue to say that the Ghana movie industry is inherently dead and the flashy and glamorous lifestyle lived by many of the females in the industry is not as a result of the movies they feature in but as the result of the amorous relationships they have with several and numerous sugar daddies who chop them down and pay them for their services. So if you are a young girl and you are so desperate to join the movie industry find a better job to do and do acting as a hobby so that greedy and opportunistic men will not treat you like a rag.

Benedicta Gafah made an appearance on Abeiku Santana’s program dubbed “ATUU” which airs on United Television every Saturday. She revealed on the show that she has not dated any married man before, she also revealed actor Bill Asamoah used to chop down Xandy Kamel and also said she has no friend in the movie industry among other issues.

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The revelations she made in the interview has angered Xandy Kamel so much that she has revealed a dozen secrets about Benedicta Gafah. She stated categorically that actress Benedicta Gafah has dated several married men for monetary gains. She went ahead to even mention some of the names of married men Gafah used to date. She also rained curses on her saying her life will be very short on earth. She also went ahead to say that one Ernest we are sure is a sugar daddy use to chop down Gafah with “Chinchinga”. The movie industry is full and filled with JOKERS.