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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Asamoah Gyan is Playing Out of His League–His Alleged Mistress and Soon to Be Wife-Nina Atala Has Been Around…She Dated Stephen Appiah, Allegedly Ibrahim Mahama, Buju Banton & Many Rich Folks

Asamoah Gyan is done with meeting 18-year old students such as Sarah Akwablah on social media and proceeding to have unprotected sex with her the very first day they meet—in her own room. During this sexual encounter which Gyan has admitted to, he was accused of having f*cked Akwablah’s asshole without her consent.

That old Asamoah Gyan seems to have stepped up his game and this time, he is playing out of his league—in a manner that does not only threatens the union of his existing family but is capable of rendering him broke in the near future.

Gyan is reported to have filed for divorce and has also demanded for a DNA on all his three children, to determine if he is indeed their biological fathers.

A man who boldly requests for a DNA during divorce mainly does so on two grounds: when he is sure and has probably done a secret DNA that states that the children are not his and intends to cut them out of any financial relief.

Secondly, when a man wants to taint the reputation of his wife and score public sympathy, he may ask for a DNA during divorce—a clever attempt to cast doubts on the paternity of the children involved and to somewhat indicate that his wife has not been faithful.

Nina and Asamoah Gyan

We’ve not seen the facts of the divorce but as usual, the grounds remain that the marriage has irrevocably broken down and Gyan should not be expected to continue living with his wife, Gifty.

Perhaps, I will in a different article look at the sort of marriage that existed between Gyan and Gifty—the grand disrespect, unending pain and humiliation Gifty had to endure because she was married to a man with money and fame.

For now, let’s look at the woman alleged to be the driving force behind the divorce. I mean the woman Asamoah Gyan is said to be dating and will marry once his divorce becomes finalized. She’s called Nina Atala. She has been floating around Gyan for a while—officially as the manager of Asamoah Gyan’s Asa band and unofficially as an alleged mistress.

When Asamoah Gyan opened Baby Jet Sports Bar 4 months ago in Accra, his wife did not attend but Atala attended, alongside with several celebrities, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported at the time.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told by multiple sources that, Nina Atala has been around for a long time. She is alleged to have dated several rich and famous Ghanaians, including Stephen Appiah

Asamoah Gyan and wife, Gifty

According to reports, Atala used to be married to the jailed Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton. After they separated, she has continued her trend, allegedly even dating our very own John Dumelo before landing in the laps of ‘Baby Jet’.

As the trend shows she has a type. Gyan we believe perfectly fits, being one of the richest footballers in Africa and also quite well known around the world for breaking the hearts of Ghanaians and Africans in 2010.

Atala seems to open her legs only for such people. The question now is how long will this romance with Gyan last and what will be the end result for Gyan—I can say, it will end with Gyan losing a hell lot of money.

Atala (the name even scares the hell out of me) is said to have a child—alleged to be a child for either Buju Banton or Ibrahim Mahama. We do not even know who the real father of this child is.

This woman is in her 40s, has seen it all and has probably sucked it all. Definitely, Gyan is playing with fire which is highly likely to burn him out, in a manner he will regret and if nothing at all, be humbled.


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