Chris-Vincent’s Take On Lil Win And Abeiku Santana Using Inferior Intimidating Tactics To Arrest A Female Blogger For Publishing Fake News ─ VIDEO

Apparently, a female Ghanaian blogger who is a journalist by modern legal and industry definitions has been arrested in Ghana—for publishing a news item that’s not true.

It’s 2018: we do not have criminal libel laws in Ghana and yet someone gets arrested for publishing fake or false news?

Slandering or Libelling is not a criminal offence, rather it’s a civil offence—so you sue for defamation or whatever if wronged, which does not involve the police and any arrest.

This is Ghana, a country where when you owe someone money, the person can bring the police in Ghana to arrest you or intimidate you. Of course, he has to pay them to do that and they widely do it.

What kind of nonsense is this?

Soon, they will come up with some kangaroo charges like causing fear and panic—as the reason for her arrest.

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And you wonder why some of us do not want to live in Ghana—if we are to keep writing?

Owner of Ghanaweb and most of the Ghanaian websites live abroad—perhaps, there’s a reason.

Laws do not work in this country called Ghana. The police do whatever they want if paid and no one does a hoot about it.



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