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Chris-Vincent Is About To Touch Some ‘Big Hairy Balls’ In Relation To Gyan’s Divorce Brouhaha, “Prince David, How Are You”?

Ghanaian professional footballer, Asamoah Gyan is currently trending on the internet ─not for missing a penalty but his divorce brouhaha with wife, Gifty Gyan.

Well, the Founding Editor of, Chris-Vincent is still digging deep into the issue surrounding Gyan’s sudden demand for a DNA test for their three kids and also the divorce.

Chris in his latest article has listed two issues allegedly leading their five-year-old marriage into chaos but what got us thinking is the fact that he mentioned the name, Prince David ─does the name ring a bell?

Read his full article below…

Asamoah Gyan cheats with Sarah Kwablah and proudly throws it in all our faces including his wife—the wife silently stays or continues to perhaps be chopping behind his back.

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Gyan finds out his wife has been doing exactly what he does—perhaps even more.

And he files for divorce (I am told it’s an annulment because of some issues about the legality of the marriage), calls for DNA, tries to kick her out of her place of residence, strips her off all financial privileges.

Double standard or patriarchy at work? Today, pepper dem gang must come and explain lol!

Anyway, I am told Gyan had a fundamental issue with his wife and it was inevitable it was going to break their marriage. The issues are even two, I guess.

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1. Gyan did not like the fact that Delay was his wife’s best friend. As a man who has heard a lot about Delay and her activities, I will equally have a problem if my wife is good friends with Delay.

It’s being claimed that all efforts to end his wife’s friendship to Delay was unsuccessful. Iron sharpens iron!

2. I am told Gyan did not have time for his wife: he did not really live with her and he would mostly visit with a bunch of boys backed by bottles of drinks.
There were no enough family times so in hindsight, he’s probably confused as to how anytime he leaves his friends at the living room for a quickie, it turns out the wife gets pregnant.

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Times are hard and scary. I am told God, I mean Yahweh is even contemplating on asking Jesus for a DNA—Joseph and Mary could have pulled a fast one on him.

With the above in mind, do you think Gyan’s DNA call is appropriate or not?

Prince David, how are you?



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