From Frying Pan Into A Volcano ─ The Case Of Asamoah Gyan

A lot of articles have been produced in the last 24 hours ─all about Asamoah Gyan, his pending divorce with Gifty Gyan, DNA test to determine whether he’s the biological father of their three kids and his rumoured lavish wedding with one big time slay queen, Nina Atala after the dust settles.

In all the articles produced by about the Ghanaian footballer and wife brouhaha, one thing is clear ─Gyan is heading towards doom and he doesn’t need some magician or Zeus to tap him on the shoulder to wake him up.

The woman he’s rumoured to be getting married to once he divorces his wife is no different or a saint than his wife, Gifty ─in fact, Gyan’s situation perfectly fits the caption of this article, “From Frying Pan Into A Volcano ─ The Case Of Asamoah Gyan”.

We cannot overlook the fact that Gyan has evidence that his wife has been f*cking hard behind his back all these years ─something Gyan has been doing over the years too.

The question is why is Gyan so much obsessed with Nina Atala, a woman who has seen it all ─perhaps suck it all as Chris-Vincent rightly put it in one of his articles?

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In the light of all the articles produced about Nina Atala and her modus operandis concerning relationships, we can bet with our last pesewa that the Captain of the Ghana National team, Asamoah Gyan would be getting married to another ‘cheater’ and you can guess the outcome of that pending marriage.





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