Piece Of Advice Ladies — It’s Okay to Leave a Man That has Paid your School Fees From High School to the University; Do not Feel Guilty

The influence of these our ashawobrities seems to be permeating the zeitgeist quite well because it’s now socially acceptable to sell one’s body to get what you want then when you are done, move on without a moment’s notice.

When you hear of the Moesha Boduong’s, the Fella Makafui’s and the Nina Atala‘s, what they do and how it seems to work out fantastically for them in the long run, it might not seem too bad to become an ashawobrity yourself in your own ‘one corner’.

But trying to play smart when it comes to relationship issues might be the worst thing you ever did to yourself. When you enter a relationship purely on a transactional basis, with nothing to offer but your ‘tonga’ in exchange for cash, make sure you are ready for the consequences because there are a lot of men out there also looking for ladies just like that and have their own ways of outwitting you.

But to enter into a ‘real’ relationship and then later on deliberately hurt the person and just declare it as the cost of doing business is cruel, heartless and makes you no better than an ashawobrity.

A piece of advice being dished out by a lady on Facebook has generated massive controversy and we definitely think you have to see it.

According to ‘Diana Rose’ on Facebook, it’s perfectly ok to date a man, let him take care of your education then when you graduate, unceremoniously dump his a$$.

According to Rose, the fact a man made such a massive investment into your life does not make you entitled to him for anything. Once you are done with your education you can simply chuck him into a box and find another man’s money to leech off.

The funny thing is, whilst the advice might be targeted at ladies there are some ladies who also fall prey to this same strain of ruthlessness from guys who are ‘players’ and take their hearts for a ride.

So before advising ladies to take such a stand, perhaps look at the bigger picture and how it affects other ladies as well?

Anyway, check out the ‘advice’ below… what do you think?

“Ladies it’s okay to leave a man that has paid your school fees from high school to the university. Do not feel guilty, if you feel that your work in that relationship is done take your degrees and leave . It’s okay and it’s nothing to worry about. The last thing you want is be with a man because he paid for your education.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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