The IRONY Of Life; Asamoah Gyan Jammed To Captain Planet’s ‘Obi Gye Wu Girl’ Oblivious That People Were Chopping His Wife’s TONGA

Asamoah Gyan has been trending for the last close to 48 hours now and we know he is going to trend for days until something worthwhile grabs our attention. Even Kwesi Nyantakyi being banned from FIFA for life is not enough to sway our attention from the Black Star Captain’s brewing scandal.

From all that we have gathered on the case, looks like our man has his mind made up and though people would allow themselves to push blames on his wife, whom he asked filed a divorce from and asked for a DNA test to ascertain he is the real father of their kids, one cannot confidently say the man has been on his best behaviour since he got married to Gifty, his joystick has gotten ahead of his brains in the past years.

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I bet what is good for the geese being equally good for the gander is no cliche— Gyan’s wife Gifty seems to be someone who has had a good party in her sweet pot, allegedly served it to one musician and actor. We are yet to know the real people who were fortunate to have the same meal as Baby Jet.

One other thing I cannot fathom is why Gyan is burnt of leaving his wife for a woman who does not even have any better record and is a known socialite with a tall list as well. I mean why not stay with your wife as well, is the devil you know better than an angel who is as bad?

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To think that Gyan actually sat in his car and jammed to Captain Planet’s ‘Obi Gye Wu Girl’ with all the pleasure in this world, whilst someone made a good meal out of his wife is hilarious and ironic at the same time. He slept with his roof on fire and now he is on to actually make a home with fire.




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