Baffour Gyan Is The ‘Devil’ In Asamoah Gyan’s Divorce Saga Doing All His Dirty Work — More Details On How He’s Made Gifty’s Life Miserable Just So Asamoah Can Marry A High Class ‘Prostitute’

The devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan is hellbent on violating this saying and he just has to wish that it’s not a volcano he’s going to end up in as everyone else seems to be predicting.

Every rich and influential man has their right hand man who carries out all their ‘dirty’ work for them. For Asamoah Gyan it is his older brother Baffour Gyan, whose football career was a monumental failure compared to his younger brother’s and therefore seems willing to do all it takes to remain useful to his brother and keep chopping some coins.

The divorce saga currently swirling around Asamoah Gyan and its accompanying media storm are all as a result of Baffour Gyan’s machinations more than even his brother.

A new report on the issue sighted by GhanaCelebrities.Com on mynewsgh goes into the backstory of how this saga all started, and the remarkable role played by the ‘devi’l in making it come to pass.

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The dna test, making Gifty’s life miserable and snatching her passport, luring her to Ghana under false pretences to serve her with divorce papers – all these were carefully planned and executed by Baffour Gyan – the ultimate ‘Man Friday’.

As we reported yesterday, marrying Gifty Gyan was a dying wish of Asamoah Gyan’s late mum. At the time they had been together for a decade and still not been married and she wished her son to marry her, which occurred months after her funeral in 2013.

But some members of the family never warmed to Gifty, least of which is Baffour, who sees her and her kids as a ‘threat’ to his standing with his brother. Thus recently with Gyan’s wish to divorce her and marry Atala he went into overdrive.

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Baffour Gyan is alleged to have scanned Asamoah Gyan’s signature onto a document requesting for the DNA test when Gyan had not approved of it. The brothers had reportedly discussed the issue jokingly but Baffour unilaterally went ahead to file the document.

He is also said to have told Gifty to come to Ghana with the kids from the UK, claiming an emergency which never existed. When she arrived he served her with the divorce papers and requested her appearance in court.

Other things he is alleged to have done to make Gifty’s life a living hell is leading some machomen to pack her things out of Gyan’s mansion in Kasoa and relocating her to a house in Spintex. He is also said to have moved into another of Gyan’s properties with his wife and children and taken possession of all of Gyan’s cars, leaving none for Gifty who is thus forced to use Uber to travel about the capital.

He also seized Gifty and the kids passports claiming they were needed for an urgent matter at the UK High Commission.

All these actions from Baffour are simply to facilitate Gyan’s wish to settle down with a high class wh*re whose ‘client’ list alone should have scared Asamoah away.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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