Ghanaian Feminists Should Shut Up; No One Forced Asamoah Gyan’s Wife To Stay In The Marriage When She Was Being Cheated On


So a few days ago being the biggest celebrity and lifestyle online news portal or blog in Ghana broke the news about Asamoah Gyan’s divorce and his lawsuit against his wife at the Accra High Court. Ever since we broke the news it has been the most talked about issue on traditional and social media. Not even Kwesi Nyantakyi’s ban from all footballing activities has been able to overtake Gyan’s issue.

Several Ghanaian self-acclaimed social media feminist most especially on Facebook are of the view that simply because Gyan’s wife tolerated his infidelity, disrespect, and promiscuous lifestyle all these years without uttering a word in the media and continued to be with him, Gyan has no justification to complain if the wife has also somewhat cheated on him. They think it is highly unfair for Asamoah Gyan to seek for divorce and even go ahead to ask for DNA for his three children when all he has done in his life is to continually cheat on her.

I totally disagree with them for the fact that if you feel cheated on or disrespected in a relationship, you have every single right to move on. It is a choice that if you are bold and brave enough to take or make many people will agree with you. Even if people don’t agree with you your conscience will always judge you right. But if you decide to stay no matter what happens in the relationship, which you are also entitled to, just know that your partner has every reason to make a choice when you also do something bad in the union.

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The choice he will make should not necessarily be in your favor because you weighed the pros and cons of the relationship you are in before you agreed to stay even though you have been disrespected and cheated on. You stayed in the relationship based on certain reasons or benefits you derive from it no matter how disrespectful the relationship is or was. It doesn’t give you the right to cheat; and even if it gives you the right to cheat he also has the right or responsibility to either forgive you or divorce you. It is also his choice.

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Asamoah Gyan has the right to divorce the wife no matter what anybody says and he is entitled to it. He doesn’t owe me, you or anyone any explanation. The mere fact that he cheated and was forgiven does not necessarily mean that if she has cheated on him he has to forgive her. Next time if a man cheats on you, you have every single right to leave his sorry a$$.



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