U-Turn — Efia Odo After All Her Shouting Of Kweku Reveloe Being The Best Boyfriend Ever Now Says ‘He Cheated And So What’?

How difficult is it to learn from those who came before you? We have seen this movie a 1,000 times and it mostly ends the same way. Thus when you are advising these celebrities about some of these childish posts it’s simply because you know where it’s headed.

Efia Odo found herself one guy to look at her and all of a sudden he was the greatest human being on planet earth. We couldn’t go a day without a post from Odo about how her man is so great, caring, loving and is going to make all her dreams come true.

Of course, everyone warned her about Kweku Reveloe, the man who once sold KATH to some white people and a known player, but whether it was love or infatuation or just plain stupidity, Efia stopped thinking and she rather spent all her time attacking anyone who spoke the truth about her new boytoy.

Not surprisingly, Reveloe soon broke Efia’s heart and next thing we knew she had deleted all photos of them together and she’s trying to move on like that whole relationship and her making a fool of herself never happened.

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Not surprisingly, Efia is now changing her tune. In a live video on Instagram she claimed that the video which showed Reveloe with another lady going out is simply about Reveloe being a gentleman.  Asked if she’s okay with him cheating on her, she said: “he cheated and so what?”

That’s right, Reveloe has now moved from loving her and never going to do anything to hurt her to now, who cares if he cheated?

We don’t, but you do – which is why you deleted all your photos together.

It’s so easy to predict the future with these ashawobrities of ours who constantly refuse to learn.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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