Wendy Shay Is The Dumbest, Silliest Excuse For A Celebrity Who Doesn’t Even Know Who She Is

The most overrated, untalented rash-infested baboon-butt Ebony-wannabe who calls herself Wendy Shay thinks she is too big to answer the simple question, “Who is Wendy Shay?” A Joy News journalist posed the question to the “Uber Driver” singer and because she is a dumb, unoriginal excuse for a celebrity, responded by saying she was done with the interview because “Who is Wendy Shay” is a dumb question to a dumb girl who does not know who she is as a person or an artist, to begin with.

The question posed was very appropriate and a perfect opportunity for the silly “Astalavista” crooner to market herself and tell Ghanaians and the world what she’s about (since most of us truly wonder why we have to deal with this bootleg Ebony in the first place) but because the pompous b*tch feels she has “arrived” and therefore the whole world should already know her dumb, boring ass, decided to take offense and call the question dumb, thereby terminating the interview.

After saying “They (Ghanaians) should accept me for who I am as Wendy Shay”, it was only apt for the journalist doing the interview to pose the next reasonable question, which was “So who are you as Wendy Shay”, to which the dimwit responded, “Who am I as Wendy Shay? Ok can we cut the question? This is a dumb question. Like, it’s okay. Urrrgh I don’t know. Who is Wendy Shay?… I don’t wanna do the interview anymore”.

Seriously, Wendy Shay, seriously? If you yourself don’t know who you are, how do you expect the rest of us who already don’t give two shits about you to know who your dumb ass is? This is what happens when we make stupid people famous. And there is no other person to blame but Bullet for imposing this silly child on all of us.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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