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READER’s MAIL — A Letter To Asamoah Gyan The He-Goat

Hi Chris,


Dear Asamoah Gyan,

First of all, let me start by saying how blessed Ghanaians are to have you as one of our biggest role models. You have done well by creating a lot of businesses and of course providing jobs for a lot of Ghanaians. Even though I still would love to know where Castro is, that’s not my main reason for writing you this humble letter. I just hope it reaches you and if not I bet the bloggers will make sure it does.
It’s been three days since we all read the news online and we are just wondering where this despicable act is coming from.

Asamoah, you and I know that you haven’t been faithful since you married Gifty in 2013. You and I know that the cheating went far to Holland, London, USA and let’s not forget Sarah based in Ghana. You remember Sarah? Of course you do, the one you paid off to keep mute. I’m not here to judge your cheating acts but may I know why you can’t forgive your wife if indeed she cheated?


Now let me get a bit rude over here. What did you think Marriage was all about when you tied the knot? Did you think unlike your wife, every woman was in for the money and luxury lifestyle? There are actually women that would cherish a beer over Champagne. As long as their men were by their side. Now don’t get me wrong! I never said you should be a lazy and useless man but i have seen couple giving their spouses the best of attention.

Do we really blame Gifty for cheating on you (If she did) or do we grant you a free pass because you are better than the rest? When was the last time you gave your woman proper attention? The side goats were the ones consuming most of your time huh?

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“Though Mark Zuckerberg is a workaholic, “One date per week, a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time, not in his apartment and definitely not at Facebook” is what he promised his wife before she became his wife.”

Basically, I think your wife was lacking your love and attention. You were maybe too slow to notice or you were fully blind sighted by Nina Atala whom allegedly you are dating now and plan to marry after the divorce.


So bra Gyan, what’s your next move after the results and of course when the kids turn out to be yours? Are you publicly going to apologize to your wife or will be you be the Asamoah we all know and just trip into another p****. Just because we all know you don’t plan to cheat but rather trip and fall into it.

This situation is a lesson to all men that think, to have all the money and luxury in the world is enough keep a woman! Body not be firewood oh.

The ladies that fall victim to infidelity when your man comes begging with cars, houses and expensive designers your mothers can’t buy. Stop accepting those items. Your dignity is worth much more than this. Learn to stop that nonsense! If you receive these items, he will never stop cheating. Especially when he has the money to buy them. And ohh, let me not forget the Mothers too.

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Please for God’s sake, if you cheated during your marriage and you just not sure of the father please please don’t make someone else believe he is a father. Doing all the father duties while the real a$$hole is somewhere relaxing. Or just come clean about it.

Let’s all Learn from this and stop this nonsense na ya bre. Learn to respect each other. This was so not necessary and could have been dealt with behind closed doors.

In case you want to beat me, My name is Nkechi Asante (Amsterdam’s Finest) and I’m in my house.

Sign out -NA


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