God’s Favourite Son Angel Obinim ‘Releases’ Two New Cars — A G-Wagon And A Rolls Royce Phantom – PHOTOS

Remember that part of the Bible where Jesus said ‘Bring me your monies and I would put them to good use for you, I would live the lives you wish to live for you by utilizing the money you’re too dumb to use to better your life’

No? Neither do we.

Somehow pastors of today has managed to turn Jesus’ anti-rich statements into an endorsement of being super rich and chopping their congregation’s money. Of course, that is only possible because the congregations are super willing to give all their money to their pastors in the hope of God making life better for them.

There are thousands of those sort of preachers in the system now, making themselves affluent on the backs of the sweat of their congregations. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not just made up of the ‘unsophisticated’ ones like Obinim and Owusu Bempah but even Mensa Otabil and his ilk are all flouting the explicit orders of Jesus.

But Obinim is byfar the worst in how he constantly lies to and manipulates his congregation, and how he continues to flaunt the wealth he makes from them.

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He lives in a mansion within a mansion. He owns several cars, most of them high end luxury cars which members of his congregation can only dream of. He brags about his wealth all the time yet continues to milk his congregation, Ghc 1 at a time.

And of course, he continues to add more cars to his fleet as he’s just done. Obinim has purchased a new Rolls Royce Phantom and G-Wagon to add to his already impressive fleet of vehicles.

Praise the Lord!

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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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