Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah Delivers Lecture On Why ‘Artists Rights Are Human Rights’ – VIDEOS

The debate over how Ghanaian artists are able to earn in a system where the laws are rarely enforced has just gotten a brilliant addition as Sandra Ankobiah has added her two cents to the issue.

Ankobiah the legal brain has made her contribution to the debate, presented in a simplified way to get the message across.

Sandra held a lecture for students of the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana, talking on the creatively crucial topic – ‘Artists Rights are Human rights’.

Sandra made the case that illegally consuming content created by artists is directly akin to stealing food from their mouths. According to her, that makes it hard for artists to make the money they deserve for their creative work bringing entertainment to the lives of Ghanaians.

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Sandra appealed to the students to consider that fact anytime they get the inclination to illegally consume content. Much like everyone else gets paid for their labour in their field of work, artists must also get paid for their work.

The celebrated philanthropist who even at such a young age is making an immense difference in the lives of others, made comparisons to other countries where the systems work and artists are able to reap the fruits of their hard work.

Ankobiah used the case of old Ghanaian entertainers who are legends in the game but have reached a stage in their lives where they even have to beg Ghanaians for money to take care of their health and other needs due to the fact that during the heydays of their careers, they were never able to make the money they deserved.

Ankobiah called for the Copyright laws of Ghana to be enforced to make entertainers get their fair share of revenue for everytime their creative work is consumed by Ghanaians. After all, she argued, Michael Jackson just made millions of dollars as a dead man yet living, breathing artists are suffering in Ghana.

Ankobiah posted videos of her thrilling lecture on Instagram.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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